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Pick A Present Promotion

Posted on Dec 17, 2016

Tis’ the season to give your customers a chance for some “Holiday Cash” paid for by CGA. Increase clientele and solidify your current relationships with this fun and simple Holiday Promotion. CGA will supply and ship 100 secure packs along with 100 Holiday gift boxes. Customers register at sponsor locations to participate. Randomly selected customers have a chance to draw one present from a selection of presents displayed under the tree. One of presents contains the grand prize while the others contain smaller sponsor awarded prizes. This promotion has many variations and...

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Insure a Game Winning Football Promotion

Posted on Sep 29, 2016

Football promotions provide an excellent means of gaining recognition and exposure for teams and their sponsors. With CGA guaranteeing the prize, sponsors can breathe a sigh of relief when there is a winner. Pass For Cash:┬áSpectator(s) randomly selected at football game(s) are given an opportunity to pass (throw) a football through a target template. Each contestant has one chance to win. If they throw the ball through the template, they WIN the prize. Field Goal Kick:┬áHere’s a promotion to let fans know how much pressure is placed on a kicker. Randomly selected fans attempt to kick a...

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