What is hole-in-one coverage, and can anyone secure it?
Hole-in-one coverage is for golf tournaments. It covers the risk for a prize placed on a par 3 hole should a hole-in-one occur during a covered event. Any person, company, charity, or organization may purchase hole-in-one coverage.

What information is required to secure coverage?
To determine a quote, you must provide CGA with the number of participants (amateur or pro), the yardage of the par 3, and the prize value.

What is the minimum yardage requirement?
CGA requires that scorecard yardage is utilized, although, the minimum yardage for a target hole prize is 135 yards for men and women. Minimum yardage for additional prize hole is 135 yards for men and 120 yards for women. Many courses may accommodate yardage requirements by moving the tees back, per your request. (Special Note: Women may shoot from their own tees provided the yardage is within 30 yards of the men’s tees, but must still meet our minimum yardage requirements)

What does your package include?
Not only do you receive coverage for your main target hole prize, but CGA also provides up to 3 free additional prizes for your remaining par 3s. We also provide a custom-made sign, per your specifications, for your target hole, and signage for your additional prize holes. All signs are 18” x 24”, full color and include stakes. (Special Note: We do offer the option to place sponsor names on additional prize signs for a small fee.)

What are CGA’s additional prizes?
Currently, CGA is offering a 5 Day/4 Night cruise for two, two round trip airline tickets anywhere in the continental U.S., and Premium Electronics Package: Your Choice, iPod Touch 8 GB, Playstation 3, 32″ inch Flat Panel TV. These prizes are provided for the additional par 3s, at no cost, to enhance your golf tournament. CGA reserves the right to substitute any non-target hole prizes for equal or greater value.

Is the premium reduced if I choose not to utilize the extra prizes?
No. Additional prizes are free and courtesy of our sponsors.

How far in advance does a tournament need to be contracted in order to receive signs?
Contracts must be secured five days prior to the tournament date to guarantee signs. CGA will accept last-minute tournaments and provide signage if the contract holder provides a shipping number*. (*CGA will not accept responsibility for signage not delivered on time for last minute tournaments.)

What if my tournament is rained out?
Assuming no shots were taken on the target hole, a refund will be made if tournament is cancelled due to inclement weather preventing play. Also, a tournament may be rescheduled without any additional charge. Any changes due to inclement weather require notification prior to the start of the event. A $75.00 fee will be charged to cover administrative, signage, and shipping & handling costs for any tournaments that are cancelled and not rescheduled.

What is the procedure for processing hole-in-one claims?
CGA must receive notification of a claim within 24 hours or the next business day. CGA will provide a one-page claim form to be completed and returned. The claims process will begin when all documentation has been received.

How do I get started?
Please utilize our CGA application for a hole-in-one coverage quote, or email us regarding any other type of promotion.

What are my witness requirements?
All target-hole witnesses must be stationed at the green. All witnesses must be tournament non-participating, age 18 or older and appointed by the applicant/member as follows: Prizes: $1,000 up to $19,999 – one witness; $20,000 up to $49,999 – two witnesses; $50,000 up to $99,999 – two witnesses, one of which must be a PGA certified golf professional; $100,000 up to $1,000,000 – two witnesses consisting of a PGA certified golf professional, in addition to a video tape.