Conditional Rebates

Would you be inspired to give your customers their purchases free if the home team swept the World Series or if your favorite college team made it to the Final Four or any of the college bowl games? How about if the record for the hottest 4th of July is broken? With CGA’s conditional rebate programs you can wager and win big. When a specified event or condition happens, you are free and clear of all the responsibility for repaying your customers. CGA will pick up all the costs in full.

  • Consider a weather promotion where you offer a rebate if the temperature, rainfall, or snowfall hits a record high or low on a specific date.
  • Generate excitement by offering everyone something of value, money back on a specific purchase, if the event occurs.
  • Get creative in your marketing with no risk to your budget; a fixed fee guarantees the total cost of the rebated purchases.
  • Boost sales at a specific time of the year by tying your program into the outcome of a certain sporting event; including the World Series, the World Cup, the Stanley Cup Finals, the NBA, or NCAA Championship.
  • Most of all give customers a reason to make a purchase today!

Give us a call today to discuss these conditional rebate events or any custom events you may be interested in.