Basketball Promotions

Basketball shootouts provide an excellent means of gaining recognition and exposure for teams and their sponsors. By using CGA’s prize guarantee contracts, sponsors can breathe a sigh of relief when there’s a winner. CGA will pay for the prize!

Progressive Shots: Contestants attempt to make a lay-up, free throw, three-point shot, and half court shot. The two methods are:

  1. Contestants having to make all shots, in sequence, without a miss.
  2. Contestants having to make all shots within 24 seconds.

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Half-Court Shot: The most popular half-time promotion! In this promotion you can select a participant from the crowd and see if they have the skills to sink a half-court shot. This basketball promotion is the perfect way to get the crowd on their feet to see if the lucky participant makes the the winning shot.

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Two out of Three from Half Court: Contestants attempt to make two out of three shots from half court. The first shot is taken from center court, the second shot is taken from 10 feet left of center, and the third shot from 10 feet right of center. If the contestant makes any two of the shots, they win the prize. All shot distances must be equal to or greater than 47 feet, measured from the half court line to the basket.

Two Shot Spot: Contestants may select any spot on the court and take a shot at the basket. They then must shoot from the same exact spot at the opposite basket on the court.

Round the World: Contestants are selected randomly to attempt their skill at making five three-point shots, from five different locations, around the perimeter. When they make all five shots, he/she wins.

Championship Challenge: Five weeks, sixty-four teams and millions of basketball fans add up to one very big marketing opportunity! Take advantage of all the hoopla surrounding the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament by offering your customers a shot at up to $1,000,000 for correctly predicting a select number of the NCAA tournament winners. Championship Challenge is an exciting cost effective way to drive in traffic from mid-March right through April. And don’t worry, when a lucky contestant picks them all right, CGA will be there to pay the prize!

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Prize Plays: Register contestants and select a play that may occur during a designated game. If the home team scores a half-court shot at the buzzer, a player scores three 3 pointers to win the game. If the play does happen your contestant will win big.

Record Breakers: Records are made to be broken. Offer a lucky contestant the chance to win big if your team or player breaks a NCAA or NBA record. For example, if Lebron James scores more than 37 points in a quarter, a lucky fan or anyone that purchases a vehicle in the month of May gets their vehicle for free!

Mobile Basketball Shots: Contestants can register at your location, randomly select a contestant to shoot a half-court shot, or make 2 out of 3 from half-courts in your parking lot or showroom.

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