Fishing Contests

Fishing contests build excitement and generate publicity for your tournament or charitable cause. Don’t let the big one get away; contact CGA today. Choose from any one of our fishing contests below:


Record Weight Coverage: For a tournament with an extended history on a specific body of water, breaking a record is a tremendous accomplishment.  Increase the excitement by offering a substantial prize.  If the record catch is made, don’t worry CGA pays!

Exact or Mystery Weight: This is a promotion that can add some mystery to a tournament.  CGA will pre-determine a weight and place it in a sealed envelope.  After all fish are weighted in, if an angler has a fish with the exact weight, pre-determined by CGA, he/she wins!

Big Fish Contest: When a record catch seems impossible, you can level the playing field and increase interest in your tournament.  A pre-designated weight and species will be decided prior to event start.  If a lucky angler catches the fish, he/she wins!

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  • *Note: "Tournament Records" and "Other Stated Records" require full detailed information regarding the following information: Record weight and data set; Number of years record in existence on same body of water: top five place for a minimum of five years, etc.

    Exact or Mystery Weight
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