Golf Tournament Add-Ons

Golf Promotions

Are you looking for a way to attract new leads to your business? Do you want to embark on an exciting new marketing campaign that helps get your name out in a targeted area? If yes, golf promotions, such as giving away prizes at golf events and tournaments may be just right for you.

That said, often times the only way to really get your name out is to offer a prize of significant value, but finding the extra resources to put up a prize of a certain magnitude is usually easier said than done.

That’s where CGA Inc. comes in; we help clients in a variety of industries with their golf promotions by providing insurance on the prize they choose to giveaway. Therefore, in the event there is a winner in a campaign such as a hole-in-one or scratch off contest, your financial burden will be greatly reduced.

We work with golf pros, golf tournament directors, auto dealers, charitable organizations, advertising agencies, insurance agents, sports marketing director and many others, as it is important to note our services are ideal for any business that is participating in a promotional prize marketing campaign.

In addition to the aforementioned hole-in-one contest, other golf related contests we provide coverage for million dollar shootouts, putting competitions and countless others. To learn more about or services or to discuss different golf contest packages, please contact us today.