Putting Promotions

50′ Putt Pricing

Prize Value Attempts CGA Fee
$2,500.00 1 $305.00
$5,000.00 1 $360.00
$10,000.00 1 $470.00

During the event

Witness: Two witnesses must observe, one at the hole, and one at the putting area, and be event non-participants, age 21 or over, and appointed by the tournament director. Tournament Director and PGA Professional must observe the putt. PGA professional must also measure the putt(s).

Distance: The designated putting distance will measure from originating point to flag stick, at each attempt, no less than the specified footage.

Putts: A putt is defined as a “stroke” by the USGA Rules of Golf. Once the putt passes the target, it becomes ineligible. No practice putts allowed at any time. No coaching from the gallery allowed.

Eligible: A Hole-In-One Putt must be holed as defined by the USGA Rules of Golf and must occur by an officially registered and qualified contestant.

*One grand prize putt per tournament.

Video Taping: The entire event must be video taped. The videotape must show each putt leaving the qualified contestant at contract distances, and dropping into cup at insured green. All putts must be on the same videotape for each qualified contestant, and must clearly show date and time putt(s) were taken. Failure to provide CGA, Inc. with videotape, will result in automatic claim denial.

Multiple Putts

Multiple Putt Pricing

Prize Value Players CGA Fee
$10,000 100 $275
$20,000 100 $520
$30,000 100 $750

*Pricing based on putt combinations from 10′, 20′, 40′, 50′

Putt Combinations: A putt combo requires a series of putts to be made in shortest to longest succession by each player at the distance indicated for each putt (i.e. a 10′, 12′, 18′, and 40′ putt combo, requires four separate hole-in-one putts be made at the distances indicated, to claim the prize). No straight putt combinations allowed. There must be a minimum of a two-foot break. Same rules as above do apply for a multiple putt combination.

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